As an Elected Official My First Term Accomplishments & This term at a glance

I wanted to provide you all with a snapshot of some accomplishments during my first term on the Board of Supervisors. This is not a full list but does give you an idea of our forward progress these first 4 years!

We have accomplished a lot together.

2016 – 2019

• Worked to keep our taxes low, no tax increases to our residents his entire first term. NO TAX INCREASE on residential property in the entire first term.

• Worked together with the Board and Staff to see our County Credit Rating go to a AA+ status which is one step below the top AAA Rating in the USA. When first elected, McCarty inherited a financial situation where credit ratings were expected to drop. The higher rating saves us hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional interest costs and financing funding.

• It was McCarty’s proposed plan that was actually implemented to cut 25% off of the stormwater fee (a program mandated by the state)

• McCarty helped recover $40,000.00 in charitable donations from citizens to the Isle of Wight County Animal Shelter.

• Led the initiative to obtain the County’s 1st ever Nike Missile to have placed on our Nike Park Historical site

• Reduced the County’s principal debt by an extra $7 Million dollars

• Raised the county’s “Rainy Day” reserve fund from around 10% to over 20% and made the new policy to be a 15% reserve fund minimum, which bolsters our financial rating and stability.

• Added 5 new deputies to our Newport District in Carrollton which lowers response times and improves public safety in our community.

• Funded teacher and deputy raises and helped keep local healthcare costs low

• Worked to find ~$23 Million in taxpayer dollars used to fund capital projects, without borrowing extra funds, by cutting unnecessary spending and reducing administrative costs

• Fought to bring the new E911 towers throughout IOW County that provide a much-needed upgrade for our first responders. These towers are also tall enough to support a new hybrid broadband solution in our County, something McCarty will continue working towards.

• Our refuse and recycling centers were restored to a full schedule after making much-needed site and equipment improvements

• Led the reform of the County’s sign ordinance to allow our small businesses greater access to advertise their goods and services

• Worked hard to research and change a County ordinance that forced citizens to have to hire a plumber to certify that water leak issues were present and corrected in a home. Now simple fixes and adjustments due to leaks do not require all of that expense and red tape.

• Created the first-ever contractor and citizens forum to hear issues that we face within our permitting offices to address and fix those looming issues.

• Brought greater transparency to County government by requiring that County Board of Supervisor Meetings, Planning Commission, School Board Meetings and others to be live-streamed via social media, the County website and archived later for citizens to view.

• Reduced tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs to the taxpayer by utilizing technology and new software to make County government more effective and efficient

• Over 600 new businesses have opened or expanded their operations into our County just during McCarty’s first term.


2020 – 2023

Create a Citizen’s Portal to allow citizens access to all of their information and have their local government at their fingertips.

Broke Ground on Hardy Elementary School

With New construction Costs rising $10 million above original bids due to COVID, we still are building Hardy, without raising taxes.

The BOS was going to raise taxes by $.04 per hundred on real estate / McCarty’s fiscal plan balanced the budget and funded the debt without a tax increase in the 21/22 budget season.

District Town Hall Meetings to hold with new model

Pursue Sunset Clauses to embrace a more balanced growth plan

We Continue to Consolidate Services with Towns and Schools

Create a Student Liaison Program with the BOS through Senior Government Classes, allowing students to learn about local government.

Keep Taxes LOW

Create additional Customer Service Stations within the County